These are some of the websites that I have created and still maintain

Adm. Lloyd R. "Joe" Vasey, Capt. Guy O'Neil and I have written an online book that details the history of the USS GUNNEL, a World War II submarine that took part in Operation Torch (the invasion of North Africa) and completed 7 war patrols in the South Pacific.
John F. Dugan was a young Marine who was killed in Vietnam. This site is dedicated to his memory as well as the other brave men of LIMA Co., 3rd Batt, 9th Reg, 3rd Marine Division.
During a trip my son and I made to Normandy, France in May 2006 we randomly picked a grave in the Normandy American Cemetery that we would "adopt". The grave we picked belongs to Fred Chapman who was killed on D-Day, June 6, 1944. We set up this page in his honor.
Although many graves in American Military Cemeteries overseas have been adopted by locals, most of the graves of unknowns go unadopted. This is the story of My Unknown Soldier
I am an avid trap shooter. This is a website I set up and maintain for my home club North Jersey Clay Target Club in Fairfield, NJ. We are the home club for the ATA's Garden State Northern Zone shoot each year. We have registered shooting 6 days per month and we have a number of special events during the year. Check it out. <
Every year at Christmas we set up the Lionel trains that my father bought in either 1948 or 1949. This is Plasticville in 2003. Over the years the layout has evolved and the current layout is a bit more complex but this gives you a very good idea of what it looks like. In 2018 the entire layout is being reworked so stand by for an updated layout by Christmas 2018.
Living on the border of a bird sanctuary has its pluses and minuses. The pluses are the birds. The minuses are those pesky BEARS.
Planning site for the May 2008 Danube River cruise that Gail and I took in 2008.
The year in pictures 2008.

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